Why is copyright law important?

Copyright protects every original work, regardless of its literary or artistic merit. The copyright owner has the exclusive right to use or lend the work or to permit others to reproduce or adapt the work for commercial gain. This entitlement allows content creators to legally prevent other individuals from using their work without their consent/license. Once consent/license is granted, the owner is entitled to a fee for use of the work, or what is commonly known as Royalties.

How does Membership at LCSCF benefit me?

Protect your rights as Content Creator

Source of income for Content Creators

Data Analysis for Content Creators

Fair usage of media

Enforcement of media rights

Legal Consultancy for Content Creators

How do I apply for claiming my royalty?

  • You may either fill out the Online Application Form or Download it by following the downloadable link.
  • Fill out the necessary information comprising of two parts; first, fill out the information regarding the Sector of Right, which has been exploited, and then fill out the necessary personal details.
  • Once completed, review the information and submit the form to us via online form or by uploading your completed membership form.
  • The team at LCSCF will review your form and get back to you with an email confirmation of your membership, which you can download and print.